The EIBIR Electronic Data Capture Platform

About the EIBIR EDC

The EIBIR EDC uses the REDCap software package to facilitate the collection and management of study data. It can collect almost any type of research data, from numerical values or text to DICOM images. REDCap offers an easy-to-use and secure method of flexible yet robust data collection.

A user-friendly, web-based interface puts researchers in control of their work and data. No background knowledge or technical experience is needed to use the platform. Researchers can directly manage their own projects through their preferred browser.


Access for EIBIR network members

Access to the EIBIR EDC is complementary for EIBIR network members. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the use of the EIBIR EDC using the contact form at the bottom of each page.

EIBIR support

We can support you in setting up and maintaining your research study, and provide support for (new) users. Furthermore, EIBIR can monitor data entry ensuring required data is submitted on time. Reports can be periodically exported in the format best suited for further analysis by the principal investigators. EIBIR does not perform any data analyses.

We can also support communication within the study, and distribute internal information, reports or ideas for analysis of the data. Dissemination of results is also an aspect in which EIBIR can assist.

The EIBIR virtual clinical trial unit

Our virtual clinical trial unit is able to help in the design and management of your clinical study. The focus and specific expertise of the EIBIR vCTU lies on studies for the clinical evaluation of diagnostic imaging tests. Diagnostic imaging evaluation includes studies assessing the technical or diagnostic performance, clinical usefulness, benefits, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. For more information, please visit the information page on the EIBIR vCTU.