Studies using the EIBIR EDC

Open CT-derived FFR registry

The open CT-derived Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) registry aims to improve the knowledge and user experience of on-site (local) CT-derived FFR. The aim of the registry is to create a platform for safe and effective collection of CT-derived FFR data and help connect researchers.

The register welcomes researchers working with CT-derived FFR to join and share data. The data could be already published or unpublished. By increasing the number of patients and vessels in the registry it will be possible to investigate the influence of CT-derived FFR on patient care and allow for sub-analysis previously unavailable due to a limited number of cases by each centre alone.

All participants have full control over data from their own centre. Each participant is encouraged to submit their own study ideas. Once agreed upon by the primary investigators of the other centres the data will be made available.

This registry originated from the MACHINE consortium (NCT02805621), a multi-centre study designed for investigation of a machine-learning CT-derived FFR application. The five centres involved collectively started the open CT derived FFR registry.

Participation is open to all interested, for information please send an email to or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Centre Country
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Heart Institute Asan Medical Center Seoul, South Korea
Institute of Cardiology Warsaw, Poland
Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, United States
Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization Linköping, Sweden